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What is Live Reception?
LR is the abbreviation of LiveReception. LiveReception is an integrated multi-channel communication platform that facilitates real- time sales, customer service and marketing. It takes less than 5 seconds to start providing live assistance to your online customers via live chat using LiveReception.

1. New Visitor Alert.
2. Real time monitor visitor footprint.
3. Proactive Live Chat with visitor.
4. Trace the referral site by each visitor.
5. Multi-language included Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese.
Why use Live Reception in your website?
1. Quick answer visitor's enquiries.
2. Increase Sales and Conversion Rates.
3. Support your customers when they need it.
4. Professional image of your website.
5. Cost effective in e-commerce solution.
Using Live Reception customer service system you will convert 30% more of your site visitors to customers. Efficient and timely customer support is the most important aspect of any business
How to use Live Reception in your website?
Installation and Use
First, you download the software and install it on your computer. Then our operator will give you a login user name, password and website ID. After you login, click "option" button, choose "HTML Code Generator" and click "Copy Code". Then the code will automatically be copied and after you stick it insert the source code of your website you can use it on your website.
If you have any questions, our online operator will be happy to assist you.

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